When we travel, it's all about the food. There are individuals who eat when and where it's convenient when they vacation; for them sustenance is a necessary evil. That's not us. We meticulously research our eating spots and map out our meals, making reservations in advance. And then we kill time in between.

This blog is about those eating spots – the highs and the lows of our gastronomical adventures. And it's also a bit about the time in between.

Europe 2016 - We traveled to Europe with our friends Gary Meltz and Kathy McDaniel. We stayed ten nights in Croatia and three in Paris. We didn't know a lot about Croatia when we booked our trip; it was a rebound choice after we had aborted a planned Baltic cruise. But it turned out to be one of our most memorable vacations, including its tables.
New York City 2016 - Only one visit to New York in 2016. The fifteen restaurants, three plays and many miles of walking would have to last us until next year.
New York City Fall 2015 - Our fall visit to Manhattan was a trip back to the future. We experienced spectacular fall weather, spectacular food, consummate theater performances and Marty McFly.
New York City Spring 2015 - Our spring visit to New York was the week prior to the Belmont Stakes. Although we were in the air at post time, our week of dining, theatre and shopping was a triple crown winner.
Puerto Vallarta 2015 - Our annual visit to Puerto Vallarta has lengthened to two weeks in recent years, but this year there would be a twist. The Fiesta Americana, our hotel of choice because of its proximity to Puerto Vallarta's downtown restaurants, had switched to an "all inclusive" format.
New York City Fall 2014 - We returned to New York in time for Halloween. More theatre and more restaurants – some tricks and some treats. Meeting Eric Ripert and touring his kitchen was the best treat of all.
New York City 2014 - Our June visit to New York featured eight new restaurants and five old favorites. We discovered roasted short ribs for two, a whole roasted chicken for two and gravy meatball sliders. Plus we dined with our favorite designing woman, Annie Potts.
Europe 2013 - We jetted off to Europe in October of 2013 with our travel buddies, Gary and Susan Meltz; we stayed six nights in London,four nights in Amsterdam and three nights in Paris. Marlene spent countless hours researching eating venues in the three cities; she had thirteen dinner reservations booked before we left St. Louis.
Chicago 2013 - We don't vacation in Chicago; our travels there are usually more purposeful – Northwestern graduations, weddings, radiology meetings. On the first Friday in August, we flew to O'Hare with our travel buddies, Gary and Susan Meltz, where we were fingerprinted and then sent on our way to enjoy a gastronomical weekend in The Windy City.
New York City 2013 - New York is the antithesis of our Puerto Vallarta vacation; it is anything but relaxing. We're on the go from sunrise until well after sunset – we dine, we shop, we walk, we play. Our 2013 trip to the Big Apple was exhausting, and we loved every minute of it.
Puerto Vallarta 2013 - Marlene and I have been vacationing in Puerto Vallarta for almost twenty years – without children, with children, and now without children again. We love the city's culture, its people and, of course, its restaurants. Our 2013 visit was almost perfect.
An Indian Adventure – Marlene and I don't do Indian food. It's not that we don't like it; we don't understand it. So if our November meal at Saffron was to be a success, we needed help.
The Forsyth Saga – On Thursday evening November 8, Gerard Craft reopened Niche at its new location in Clayton, less than a month after he bid farewell to Benton Park. We visited on Friday evening November 9, hoping we would find both new and old.
Columbia, Missouri – The last time I was in Columbia was for a medical school interview; yes, that was a long time ago. And Marlene and I had only been there once before for a football game. So when we were told we would find a "different" Columbia when we visited the first weekend in November of 2012, we had little basis for comparison.
1831 Sidney Street's Farewell Dinner – On Wednesday evening October 17, 2012, Gerard and Suzie Craft hosted a bittersweet last dinner at Niche, their Benton Park restaurant.
New York City 2012 – Marlene and I first visited New York in 1982. A travel agent put us in a room at The Plaza where the largest dimension was floor-to-ceiling; we ate lunch at Lutèce, an iconic French restaurant which closed in 2004. In the years that followed, we returned to the Big Apple almost every year – for the theatre, for the shopping, and of course, for the restaurants. Our 2012 visit was par for the course.

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